The sooner you take that first step, the sooner you start on a path to a happier life.

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Our Services

Individual Therapy

Family and Couples Therapy

Child and Adolescent Therapy

Employee Assistance Programs

Our psychologists possess a high level of knowledge and skills to genuinely help people improve their confidence to cope with difficult situations in a more adaptive way.

Our Therapeutic Approaches:

  • ACT – Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
  • CBT – Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
  • MBCT – Mindfulness-Based Cognitive Therapy
  • DBT – Dialectical Behaviour Therapy
  • Gottman Method Couples Therapy
  • Schema Therapy
  • The Circle of Security Interventions
  • Art and Play Therapy with children

Issues We Help With

Anxiety/Trauma Counselling

Get The Best Help From Anxiety and Trauma Counselling Feeling anxious about anything is a normal part of being a person.

Cancer Counselling

Find A Way To Give Hope Or Cope With Cancer Learning that you, a loved one, or a friend has cancer can have a significant impact on yourself and your family.

Child Behavior Management/Parenting Skills

Get Help To Improve Your Child’s Behavior Parenting is one of the most difficult yet the most rewarding responsibilities one can experience.


Rebuild Your Confidence and Self-Esteem Self-confidence and self-esteem are a team in life, but they don’t always work together correctly.

Dealing with Low Mood/Depression

Overcome Your Low Mood/Depression With Help If you have depression, it’s normal to find it difficult to take the first step in seeking support.

Mental Illness

Break Free From Your Mental Illness is something that many people struggle with on a day to day basis.

Pain Management

See Life Through The Pain With The Help Of Pain Management when we deal with things like pain, we associate it with things such as injuries and diseases.

Relationship Counselling

Fill The Gaps Between You and Your Partner For two people to find their way to each other and become one is a great thing.

Stress Management

Learn How To Better Manage Stress With Our Help When was the last time you pampered yourself?

Workplace Issues

Settle Workplace Issues Through Professional Guidance Counseling Most of our lives are spent at work.