Child Behavior Management/Parenting Skills

Get Help To Improve Your Child’s Behavior

Parenting is one of the most difficult yet the most rewarding responsibilities one can experience. Sure, you may face a lot of challenges and difficulties when raising your children, but the feeling of having children is something that’s irreplaceable. However, we also know that raising your children to be happy, safe, well-adjusted, and capable of dealing with various problems can be difficult.

As parents, it’s important to understand that you’re a significant role in the emotional well-being of your children. Research shows that the bond between mother, father and a child can have significant effects on an infant’s brain, and can influence the emotional development of children. This relationship can impact the mental well-being of a child as they grow up, which means it’s important you understand how you can develop your bond with your children.

For instance, when the mother or the primary caregiver can help manage a child’s stress through sharing joy or forgiving quickly, a child can “securely attach” their nervous system to their parents’. If a child feels safe, they can feel more trusting, comfortable, hopeful, and self-confident in the face of any conflict. As they grow up, they learn how to be more optimistic, flexible, creative, adaptive, and hopeful.

Unfortunately, on the other hand, children that are physically punished may actually have an increased risk of having mental health problems throughout their growth. They may even be capable of abusing their own spouse and children in adulthood.

This means it’s essential for you to learn how to nurture your children’s problems and help them appropriately. The best way to do this is to understand what your children need and develop the right parenting skills to help them grow. This is where we can help you.

How We Can Help You

Counselling can actually help parents in a lot of ways. These include:

  • Parents can develop skills and strategies for dealing with their child’s behavioral.
  • Parents with anger management or control issues may find counseling helpful for promoting healthy ways to manage their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors and to improve relationships with their partner and child.
  • Having positive interactions with children that encourage good behavior, rather than focusing only on difficult.
  • Manage the child’s activities in ways that will help the child to develop and maintain good relationships with other people.

Parent counselling can help you discover that parenting can be deeply rewarding, instead of tiresome and frustrating. And with our help we can help you work on why your child may be acting out in their life and how you can manage it better.

Get The Support You Need

Our team at VIC Park Psychology are equipped with the skills and the training needed to help equip you with the right strategies for becoming a better parent for your child. The journey as a parent can be daunting given your responsibilities, but through our safe and comfortable environment, we can provide you the space you need to share your sentiments and learn new skills as parents. In return you’ll see a better outcome with your child’s behaviour. Call now for more information.