Tips On How To Build Your Confidence When Talking To The Opposite Sex

Not everyone has the courage or confidence to talk to other people, especially the opposite sex. Some may even feel anxious when they’re faced with an attractive man or woman. Whether they’re at the bar or in the club, they still avoid interacting with the opposite sex even if many surround them. Some people rely on alcohol just to gain a small amount of confidence to approach the opposite sex. However, once they’re sober, they’re back to normal. They still have a problem starting a conversation with others.

Why People Have Troubles Talking To The Opposite Sex

You might be wondering why it seems so easy for other people to interact with the opposite sex while you have a hard time just saying one sentence. To learn how to address your issue, you need to understand the reason behind it. These are some of the reasons why you have problems talking to people in general are:

  • Lack of confidence. Your self-esteem or lack thereof may be causing you to have difficulty in starting a conversation with the opposite sex. You may be self-conscious because of how you think you look or you feel like you’re not dressed well enough. Your lack of confidence may even stem from your previous experiences with the opposite sex.
  • Fear of being criticized or judged. Social anxiety can come from your fear of being judged by other people. You might have a hard time approaching the opposite sex because you’re afraid they might criticize the way you look or how you present yourself. The feeling of being judged for how you look or act is extremely frightening for you.
  • Fear of starting a casual conversation. Do I look okay? How do I start? How do I approach him/her? These may be some of the questions you ask yourself before you strike a conversation with the opposite sex. You may be afraid to start a conversation because you have no idea on what to talk about.

Building Your Confidence

Your inability to talk to the opposite sex is due to your lack of self-confidence. You need to work on your self-esteem so you can have the courage to speak to the opposite sex. If you aren’t confident about how you look or feel, other people will also fail to see it. Therefore, you need to build your confidence to gather the courage to initiate a conversation with other people. These are ways you can build up your confidence:

  • Clean up. This advice may sound trivial and straightforward, but people like to interact with people who look and smell clean. If you’re planning on scoring a date, you’ll need to prepare. You have to observe proper grooming. Have a haircut, shower, look for an outfit that looks polished and tidy, and the shoes to match. It’s also worth remembering to cut your nails and put on perfume.
  • Smile. It may also sound so simple, but your smile can be your best asset. Smiling makes you look approachable and friendly. If you look grumpy and unapproachable, people might get the wrong impression. People may think you’re snobbish or up to no good. However, when you smile, you look and feel more confident.
  • Practice your skills. Practicing your conversation skills can help you release the tension that you feel before you make your move. You can practice alone or with your friend. This tip is helpful so you can gather enough confidence during the actual conversation with the opposite sex.
  • Don’t rely on alcohol. You may contemplate on consuming too much alcohol before you start a conversation with other people. However, alcohol gives you fake confidence. Too much alcohol may also affect the way you think and act. Therefore, it may ruin your chances of getting a date because of your intoxicated state.

There Is Always A Solution

The inability to talk to other people can be considered as a problem because it can have adverse effects on your social life. It may also be difficult for you to find a person or partner. If you’re having a hard time approaching or talking to the opposite sex, there is no need to worry. There’s a solution to your problem. However, the results will still depend on you.

VIC Park Psychology can help you rebuild your confidence and get back your lost self-esteem. Professionals and psychologists can help assess the source of your troubles and provide practical solutions. Don’t hesitate to seek help so you can start building your confidence.