Depression And How It Can Affect Your Productivity At Work

People suffering from depression may look and act like they’re fine. They go about their daily routine, and they don’t show any signs or symptoms of their condition. Depression is a condition that is difficult to detect because the signs don’t always manifest.

The person suffering from depression may feel ashamed of their situation, that’s why they try their best to hide it from their family, friends, or co-workers. Sadly, this type of psychological condition needs immediate medical attention because it may have adverse effects on the patient’s life.

Causes Of Depression

Many factors contribute to the increase in the risk of getting depression. These factors include:

  • Genetics. If someone in your family has depression, you have a higher chance of developing the condition compared to people who don’t have family members who suffer from depression.
  • Abuse. Those who suffer physical or emotional abuse from their family or other people have a high risk of developing depression.
  • Conflict. A person can also develop depression if they’re always exposed to conflicts. These arguments or disagreements may be from the family, friends, or work colleagues.
  • Traumatic event. Trauma can also contribute to depression. A death of a family, a car accident, or any traumatic event can also lead to the development of this mental health condition.
  • Other factors.  Some other causes of depression include bullying, severe medical condition, illegal substance abuse, and taking some medications such as corticosteroids and isotretinoin.

Signs Of Depression

One of the significant problems with depression is that it doesn’t show visible signs or symptoms unless the person lets their guard down. However, those who are close to the person suffering from depression can notice slight changes in the way they behave. Some of the warning signs of depression are:

  • Behavioral signs. You may notice that the person is withdrawn or do not interact with other people as much as he or she used to. There may also be instances when they miss school or work. They may be using drugs or self-harm.
  • Physical signs. There are also physical changes in the person suffering from depression. You may notice weight loss, changes in appetite, problems with sleeping, and tiredness.
  • Other signs.  You may also notice a sudden burst of emotions. They may become agitated without any reason. They may also feel sadness at times. The person suffering from depression may also lose interest in their relationship with other people including their family members and friends.

Depression And Work Productivity

You may project an impression that you’re happy and that nothing is wrong even if you’re secretly suffering from depression. However, you need to be truthful with your employer and tell them about your condition because it may affect your performance at work. Telling your supervisor can help them understand your situation. Because of depression, your ability to do your job may be affected. Some of the effects of depression on work include:

  • Motivation. When your depression kicks in while you’re at work, you may feel demotivated. You might not be as productive as you were before your depression. Your productivity may decrease because every task at work seems impossible to achieve.
  • Energy. There are times when you feel sluggish and tired, even if you just started working. You can’t wait for the day to be over so you can go back home. You may lack the energy to continue your daily tasks, and it affects your work productivity.
  • Cognitive functions. functions. When you have depression, you may have trouble concentrating. You may feel distracted, and you’re often procrastinating leading you to miss important deadlines and even fail to show up to important meetings or appointments.
  • Learning. Your depression may also cause you to have troubles learning new skills and putting simple tasks into memory. You may also forget to remember essential details of your work.
  • Isolation. Lastly, you may find yourself distancing from your workmates because you don’t have the energy to socialize. You might be isolating yourself from them because of your condition. Depression is a condition that you shouldn’t handle alone.

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