Anxiety Management Christmas

When it comes to handling our anxiety, we cannot stop the waves, but we can learn to surf.

Dealing with your anxiety can seem like an overwhelming task. Like a series of crashing waves that continue to knock you down, making a happy peaceful life seem like a distant memory or an impossible dream.

Fortunately, the team at VICPARK PSYCHOLOGY specialises in helping you manage your anxiety so that dream can become reality.

The key to this realisation is the idea that knowledge is power. Truly understanding both anxiety as mental health issues and how it specifically affects your own mind is crucial to the process. Anxiety is fuelled by our body’s physiology and our flight or fight response. This response is designed to protect us from terrible situations that we must run from or fight against. With anxiety, our mind has linked this response to harmless situations that trigger it and make life seem like a cage. Managing our anxiety is about teaching this mind of ours that we’re safe and everything is going to be OK.

On our own this is difficult at best, impossible at worst. It’s vital that you get the help you need by speaking with a qualified psychologist. Together we’ll show you how to plant your feet on the sand and surf those waves once more.

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